Clay Travis — Adopt a Multimedia Journalist



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In this article, Clay Travis is having fun with his readers by providing his own picks for the NCAA tournament. This is one of many examples of his interactions with readers.

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Here, Travis discusses Aaron Hernandez’s suicide and the Patriots visit to the White House on his radio show. This radio show has also been turned into a podcast.

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In this article, Travis goes beyond sports to talk about the decline in some media providers.

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This is a video Travis shot early in his career of an interview with Coach Calipari. It is up close and personal and a view the average fan wouldn’t get.

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Here is another podcast about Tony Romo retiring and UNC’s NCAA tournament win. This podcast also adds an element of fun rather than all business by Travis adding in some of his analysis.

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This is a vlog post that is both on the Outkick website and the website’s Facebook page. He is discussing Steph Curry’s recent riff with Under Armor.

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Here is another podcast in which Travis takes on the controversial topic of Colin Kapernick’s return to the NFL after he kneeled during the National Anthem last season.

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This is an article on Travis’ blog discussing what elements of a SEC basketball coach better than the football coaches.

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In this podcast, Travis discusses that day’s Masters results.

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In this blog post, Travis sort of goes beyond the typical sports story by diving into the numbers and statistics of one of sports’ wealthiest leagues.


Clay Travis, without a doubt, knows how to use multiple facets of media. His main form of media is blogging, and he does it very well. He posts at least once a week and at times, twice or three times. He know what the current issues are and also adds his own take. He also does a great job of reaching out to readers and connecting with them by asking them to comment on his podcasts and email or write in about his blog posts. He also has branched into vlogging and has tried his hand at video. He successfully promotes his website on Twitter and Facebook. Travis also recently started using Snapchat, and it is full of videos that are both connected to his blog beat as well as some personal aspects of his life. Clay Travis has a personal Twitter as well as one for Outkick the Coverage. Perhaps the most successful use of multimedia Travis has ventured into is his radio show turned podcast. Much like his blog posts, he publishes a podcast every day and is constantly discussing the current issues of that day or week. His unapologetic way of taking on even the most controversial topics gives him an edge in his multimedia use. In Feb. 2017, I sat in on a session led by Travis at a sports media conference in Tenn. He said that he started his career with a vlog of a pudding strike to protest not having NFL broadcasts on the Virgin Islands where he was living at the time. Travis has continued to use the newest formats of multimedia journalism, and that is why he has continued to be relevant and current and relate-able. If I had some critiques, it would be that he needs to expand to Instagram as well. Instagram is seeing a resurgence, and he should be a part of it to connect to more readers and viewers. I would also like to see more video and perhaps more vlogs just to give readers another visual element. Travis does do an excellent job of covering a variety of topics in a variety of ways like blogs, vlogs and podcasts. He has a majority of the social media sites covered with an account on the most popular and most used sites. Travis is a perfect example of the modern multimedia journalist. He keeps his blog fun and light when it needs to be, but when covering serious issues, he knows when to tone it down. He seems to be unafraid to try new forms of media and will cover what no one seems to want to cover. He reaches out to readers. viewers, and listeners, and this allows these individuals to feel like they have a voice and that they’re being listened to. I think that is what a lot of sports fans are looking for these days, too. They want their own form of expertise to be heard as well as listen to other people’s points of view.


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