Adopt A Multimedia Journalist:

The multimedia journalist I chose was Sam Riggs Bozoian. He is a blogger, podcaster, video extra at Barstool Sports.

1. “Fore Play”

Fore Play is the worlds number one golf podcast. He is the co-host of the podcast. With it being the world’s number one podcast, it has to be good right?

2. Twitter

“Riggs” Retweeted Turner Wintz


“Riggs” added,

He communicates well with his followers and he makes an effort to get his name out there!
3. Barstool Sports Twitter

Barstool SportsVerified account


By the common man, for the common man – Viva La Stool – Download ⬇️ app⬇️

Joined March 2009
He helps out with barstool sports which is widely known and looked at every day by many people. He really helps out with the golf section and people really take his opinion.
4. Barstool Sports Instagram
He helps out with the barstool sports instagram as well! So he is well rounded when it comes to social media
5. Barstool Sports Facebook
He helps out also with the facebook barstool page
6. Blog
He has his own website for his own blog!
7. Barstool App
They have all of these social media accounts, and they also have their own app! Which he helps out with
8. Barstool Store
They also have a store where you can buy shirts and much more!!
9. Twitter Again
  1. Retweeted

    Newly declassified documents show that during the Space Race the United States and Russia planned to nuke the moon

    10. Facebook connecting to the fore play podcast



He connects his podcast to the facebook barstool page and helps himself out and helps the page

Overall anaylsis:

Overall, I think that Sam Riggs Bozoian is a really good multimedia journalist. He interacts well with his followers and is knowledgeable about what he says. He keeps up to date with all of his social media and people look forward to what he has to say. He isn’t always serious, which people really like because he can just have a cool conversation on his accounts. I like that he has so many different accounts and he uses all of them a lot. He uses two twitter accounts too.

I think all of the accounts he uses are big social media sites as well and with his podcast, he makes it known where to find it and is always sharing them on his other bigger accounts. He has the app and the store links in his twitter bios so that helps people find those as well. All of the accounts work together and flow well which is really nice because it is easier to figure out each site when they are all the same.

His biggest site that is known is the barstool sports page and him and some others run it, but they all work well together and it is hard to tell which one of them is running it at that time. I think it takes a lot for one person to run so many accounts so I believe this makes him a good multimedia journalist because of this.

I don’t think he does anything bad with his accounts, but I think he really works well with boasting his other accounts in each account. He tangles them all together to get them noticed with each account and that is something I really like about him.

He makes his accounts more than just sports and golf, which is something I appreciate since I am not that big of a golf fan.

Overall I think his work is good and he really puts an effort in to show that. He truly cares about what he does and that is shown through the work he puts in to making the accounts, blog, and podcast what it is.

He doesn’t even share just his own stuff. He makes an effort to share post from other people to get their stuff out from the barstool page as well. He mainly focuses on golf but he will share stuff about other sports by people that he runs the page with to his own account which is really impressive to me.

He didn’t get to where he is by not putting the effort in to make his stuff look good. He post all of the time and not just on one account. He will post a lot on each one so you know he cares when he sits around to do that. It can’t be easy managing all of these accounts and still interacting with the followers but he does and he does it well. I think he is a good example of a multimedia journalist.


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