Adopt A Multimedia Journalist: Shane Sullivan

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Here is a Link to Shane Sullivan’s website.

Project by Adam Shay

  1. Player reporting

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First off, Sullivan uses multimedia journalism to write articles regarding baseball. In this instance, he writes a quick piece on David Freese, a current 9 year baseball player, involving his depression and alcohol abuse.  What makes this article credible and enjoyable is how he incorporates where he received his information, links to other articles, accurate quotes, and a simple opinion on the matter.  In a blog, it is not necessary to create long blog posts every day.  Instead, I enjoy how Sullivan writes a shorter article that’s easy to read and continues to write almost daily.

2.  The American League section

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In this screenshot, you can see that Sullivan covers all of the American League baseball teams.  For example, Sullivan is a Cleveland native so he obviously will write a lot about the Indians.  However, Sullivan has also wrote articles on other American League players, such as Jose Abreu, Marcus Stroman, and Brian Flynn. One thing I liked about this screenshot is how Sullivan continues to advertise his articles from over a year ago. Under the Most Popular section, it gives links to older articles.  Some may be outdated, but articles such as “Are Baseball Games Too Long?”, still pertain to current times.

3.  The National League section

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Moving onto the National League, this screenshot has a lot to it.  For starters, since this website is a blog, Sullivan writes a comedic article about a woman misbehaving at the Cubs game.  Although it may be raunchy, the article shows a screenshot of a tweet regarding the incident and also a vine video.  Looking to the right of the article, I like how Sullivan goes straight to other different stories.  For example, he does another article on a player involved with alcohol abuse in “Rick Ankiel Admits He Used To Booze Before Games,” which also includes a screenshotted tweet, accurate quotes, and also includes a little humor.  Lastly, the article called “What Makes Trea Turner so Good?” shows specific stats regarding his play in 2016.  Articles like these fascinate me the most because it shows stats, credible information, and an opinion from the journalist/blogger.

4.  College Baseball section

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This is an area I would like to learn more about.  Sullivan is one of the first journalists/bloggers I have seen who follows college baseball almost regularly.  In the first article involving the Auburn softball players, I like how he takes a more journalistic approach.  The article has a credible source for accuracy, a video showing one of the players having previous issues, and lastly he shows their stats and how damaging it is to lose two of their star players to marijuana charges.  Also, I like how Sullivan includes recaps and highlights.  I think this is great because he allows collegiate fans to have easier access to college baseball highlights compared to missing them on sports channels. Most of the time, college baseball goes unnoticed on channels like ESPN or Comcast Net.

5.  Podcast section

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Multimedia journalism has evolved in many different ways.  Over the past couple of years, Podcasts have become huge and Sullivan has advertised his Podcasts in many ways.  On his website, there is easy access to his Podcast through Soundcloud without leaving the page.  Next, he has links for his listeners to subscribe on iTunes or follow on Spotify.  As a multimedia journalist, Sullivan manages to advertise his Podcasts in three different ways on his website.  For my own website, I have learned that advertising in as many ways as possible is essential for marketing for yourself.

6.  Tickets section.  Click on the tickets button:

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What I like the most about the website is the easy access to buying baseball tickets.  I think this is a great way for multimedia journalists to broaden their horizons instead of writing articles.  As someone who loves baseball, this website instantly becomes more attractive because of how accessible it makes for buying tickets.  Also during the summer, my family travels a lot and I am always wanting to see new ballparks.  Sullivan has created a fun website that includes an organized and efficent way to purchase tickets.

7.  Shane Sullivan on Snapchat


One problem I find about Podcasts is how long they could be.  Some could last under ten minutes, or some could go over 40.  On the app Snapchat, snapchat videos are restricted to under ten second videos.  Every day during baseball season, Sullivan posts snapchats of himself talk about baseball in ten second segments.  This makes Sullivan a great multimedia journalist for a couple reasons.

  1.  Even if he goes on a five minute tangent, it’s enjoyable to listen to because of how quick and to the point each snapchat is.
  2. Snapchat is a free app that millions of people use daily.  All someone has to do is follow Sullivan in order to listen to him talk for free.
  3. Snapchat will be around for a long time and could be the future for Podcasts.  If he continues to do what he does, it could be influential for other multimedia journalists.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.58.00 AM.png

At @ShtBallPlayrsDo, it is the Baseball Fam Twitter account for the website.  For the most part, I follow this account daily for many reasons.  First of all, the account is always tweeting highlights from yesterday’s games.  Second of all, the account also tweets out interviews with players.  For example, on April 26th, the account tweeted an interview with Eric Thames, a slugger from the Milwaukee Brewers who is accused of taking steroids.  Sullivan runs this account as frequently as it gets, tweeting off bits of information every hour and most of the time more often.

9.  Baseball Fam Instagram page

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Over the past couple years, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media websites.  As Instagram improves, it allows people to not only upload photos, but to also post videos, multiple pictures in one post, and the ability to message people.  Sullivan does a great job of posting highlights, interesting stories, fun videos, and baseball facts on his page.  On this screenshot, he covers all four of those topics.  The top left video involves a player diving over the catcher.  The middle photo shows a Cubs fan saving a flag from two people burning it at Dodger Stadium.  In the middle row to the left, there is a fun video of collegiate girls dancing and lastly on the bottom righthand corner, it shows the Philadelphia Phillies stats over the past nine years.

10. Spotify podcasts


Spotify has emerged as one of the best ways to not only listen to music, but to discover new podcasts.  Even though subscribers have to pay a monthly fee, Spotify’s popularity continues to grow.  Sullivan does a great job of adapting to what apps are becoming popular in order to appeal to a larger audience.  Also during this podcast, he has a couple other guests speak on it to provide their opinions.  In this podcast, he discusses the idea of having a statue of Jose Fernandez, a pitcher who passed away in a boating accident. Lastly, following podcasts on Spotify is incredibly easy to do.  It allows the followers to receive notifications when there are new podcasts uploaded.  By following this account, it is easy to be notified when there is new content to listen to.

For over a year now, I have been following the 25-year-old multimedia journalist Shane Sullivan who has created the website  As an aspiring journalist, I think Sullivan is doing a great job of involving every aspect of social media.  On his website, Sullivan covers numerous aspects of baseball in a professional and organized manner.  For example, Sullivan covers every MLB team, college baseball, fantasy baseball, has podcasts, and also has a link to for his audience to buy tickets.  In his articles, Sullivan does a good job of informing his readers about what is going on in the baseball world by including professional athletes as sources.  If an article revolves around a tweet made by an athlete, he includes a picture of the tweet for the readers and then voices his opinion.  What I believe makes Sullivan the future of multimedia journalism is how well he advertises his website.  For starters, people who do not have the time to read his articles on a computer can go to his website through the account @ShtBallPlayrsDo.  Also on his personal page, there are links to the actual website, or to the Twitter account.  One of the more unique ways he advertises himself is through Snapchat.  I say this because my friend Jack recommended I listen to him via Snapchat which is how I first discovered him.  Since Snapchat videos can only last 10 seconds, Sullivan will go on minute rants that are quick, enjoyable, and easy to listen to.  Plus, he will put screenshots on his story that notify his followers about his most recent articles on his website.  Personally, this inspired me to also do the same for my website.  Lastly, I believe Sullivan genuinely cares about his fans and readers.  On his Snapchat posts, he is always thanking his fans for the love and support he receives for his website.  Also, I’m not sure how often he does this, but Sullivan responds to his fans.  When my friends and I first started our website, I messaged him on Snapchat for some advice.  If I remember correctly, Sullivan responded within the next 20 minutes and happily gave me advice on starting the website.  As a multimedia journalist, I feel like listening to your readers opinions is vital for creating a positive reputation.  One thing I have realized is that sports fans my age would rather listen to podcasts rather than read an article.  Looking at his website, it is clear that Sullivan has begun to focus more on audio recordings rather than writing article, which I believe is becoming a larger part of journalism.  Plus on on his podcasts, he also includes other people to voice their opinions.  People love to listen to debates and hear as many different opinions as possible, something my friends and I do for our website.  The more people who can give different perspectives is key for podcasts.  Sullivan can indeed be foul-mouthed and opinionated, but that’s how he appeals to his listeners.  Even though he is opinionated, he incorporates interesting facts here and there to support his statements.  With all of that being said, Sullivan is doing everything right in being a multimedia journalist.  I think more up and coming journalists will begin to reach out to their fans in as many ways as possible and Sullivan is a great example of someone who does that.


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