“So for my blog beat ive been writing about sororities and here at Eastern Illinois this past week was Greek week. It started March 31st and closed April 9th so im going to be talking about all the different events that went on, who won and who won Greek week overall.

So greek week kicked off last Friday with Airband which is where the fraternities and sororities have a theme and they pick songs that correlate with the theme. Their team makes a routine to the music and performs their dance to all the other chapters. This year the winner for the fraternities was Pi Kappa Alpha with first for the second year in a row, Sigma Alpha Epsilon got second, and Lambda Chi Alpha got third. For the sorority division, Alpha Phi got first for the second year in a row, Alpha Gamma Delta got second and Tri Sigma got third place.

And so half way through the Airband performances they announced the Greek week king and queen during the intermission. The King was Shaun Hughes from SAE and Queen was Kami Dally of Alpha Phi.

Sunday afternoon was Greek sing which is were again each chapter picks a theme and correlates songs with that theme for their members to sing. For the men the winners were SAE, Phi Kappa Theta in second and Lambda Chi in third. For the women was Alpha Phi, Tri Delta in second and third to Sigma Kappa.

Monday started off tugs. Tugs is basically a glorified tug of war game. You have 8-10 members on your rope and tug across the campus pond. You win by pulling the other teams front three members in the pond.

Monday’s tugs started off with big men Phi Kap beating SAE and Delta Chi beating Sigma Chi.

Tuesday was the trivia event in the seventh street underground. Your team is composed of 5 members and you get asked questions for several rounds and who ever has the most points wins at the end.

For the men Sig Chi got first, Lambda Chi with second and SAE got third place.

Kappa Delta and Alpha Sigma Tau tied for first place, Delta Zeta got second and Alpha Gam took third for the women.

Wednesday kicked off the womens tugs. The first tug AST defeated Tri Delt, the second and longest tug of the entire week Tri Sigma defeated Kappa Delta and the third tug DZ defeated Sig Kap .

Thursday was the cans for construction theme where you bring cans in for donation and make a design out of them with construction paper and other craft supplies to make a design to go along with the weeks theme, which this year was “The Greatest Week on Earth.” Many chapters made circus themed designs.

Sigma Kappa won for the sororities followed by Tri Sigma for second and Kappa Delta for third.

SAE won for the fraternities followed by Lambda Chi and third went to Sig Chi.

Friday moved on to the next round of tugs where Alpha Sigma Alpha, who had received a bye all week, deafeated AST. Tri Sigma defeated DZ and for the men Lambda Chi beat Phi Kap and Sigma Pi deat Delta Chi.

All teams that tugged on Friday moved onto Saturday’s championship and consolation tugs.

Prior to the tugs on Saturday is the pyramids competition. Teams must run across a field and build a human pyramid then run back. The teams with the fastest times win.

The ladies of DZ took home first, Tri Sigma with second and Tri Delta for third.

The men of Lambda Chi took home first, SAE with second and Sig Chi for third.

In Saturday’s tugs the men of Phi Kap beat Delta Chi for third place and Sig Pi beat Lambda Chi for first.

The women of AST beat DZ for third place and ASA beat Tri Sigma for first.

Each event is worth points and depending on your placing depends on how many points you get. At the end of the week they tally up the point totals and announce Sunday afternoon who the overall greek week winners are. This years overall Greek week winners were Tri Sigma for the sorority division and SAE for the fraternity division.

It’s a long spring semester practicing and preparing for these events but it’s all worth it in the end.”


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