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Hello my name is Adam Shay and for this Spring semester in professor Murley’s multimedia class, I have been covering the upcoming Chicago Cubs season.  What I’m going to talk about now is the upcoming season, which is now a few games underway.  I’m predicting that so far from what I have seen, Rizzo and Kris Bryant will still be the studs that they are.  Ben Zobrist will not have the same success because of his age.  The Cubs will not be effected as much by that because of our rising stars, such as Willson Contreras, Albert Almora Jr., and Javier Baez. Addison Russell did not have a good average last year and did not draw a lot of walks, but his RBI total was good.  For the Cubs to be successful this year, it comes from Addison Russell getting on base more.  Also, the other guy that needs to do will for the Cubs is Kyle Schwarber.  Yes, he is not the best fielder, but his bat is so good that he needs to be in the lineup every day.  Offensively, one big question is Jason Heyward again.  Last year, he was so bad and in the games he has played in so far, he has been okay.  But because of his giant contract he signed, you have to play him almost every day.  Basically, the Cubs are going to play him more often than not compared to Jon Jay or Albert Almora Jr.  On the defensive side, our infield is as fundamentally sound as anyone.  The infield is nearly flawless because they’ll got the job done along with the excitement of Javier Baez.  The pitching staff has two big questions: who are fifth starter will be?  Right now it’s Brett Anderson…do you guys know who that is because I don’t.  We have to ride it out and follow Maddon’s orders.  Also, I think Hendricks will be good this year, however not repeat the same success he had last year as the MLB leader in ERA.  Arrieta will be the number one starter by the end of the year and will have a great season.  Lester will still have good success and it’s unsure if John Lackey will hold up because of his age.  Now, the bullpen is iffy to be honest.  The Cubs went out and traded Jorge Soler to the Kansas City Royals for their closer Wade Davis. Davis is a closer you have to have.  Aside from him, the rest of the bullpen is mixed with good and bad.  I think our young 25-year-old Carl Edwards Jr. has high hopes, along with the really old 42-year-old Koji Uehara. So far, he has done fine as a reliever.  Then we have the bad with Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon, and Justin Grimm.  Those guys are plagues and I want them out of here.  I could see the Cubs going after another reliever maybe halfway through the season and trade one of our offensive players.  For the rest of the division, I think the Cubs will have an easy in for the playoffs this year and should come out on top as the division champions.  The St. Louis Cardinals always find a way to weasel into the playoffs and let me tell you, they upgraded in signing Dexter Fowler, a key player from the Cubs World Series team.  But, I don’t see the Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, or Pittsburgh Pirates being major contenders.  Hypothetically, if the Cubs make it to the World Series, their biggest worries would be the Cleveland Indians again and the Boston Red Sox.


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