Two Music Videos

This first music video caught my attention because of the different cartoon look it carried throughout the song. It didn’t have many crazy colors flashing everywhere or really odd pictures or scenes, but it did a great job of telling a story. If the song were on mute I think the story could still be understood from the beginning when he enters the rap records place and is meeting with snoop. Parts such as him presenting in front of people with the growth graph while still being a cartoon is pretty cool.


This video offered more of the crazy color wild background scheme and it had me hooked on that. The color light show that holds a transparent background of people in it throughout the video was really interesting. It tells a cool story as the colors continue to change but the background can transparently to other things such as the desert in the 1:50 range or the driving scene at 2:20. It is also cool how it is all sort of in that one box and everything is changing around it just not physically. It’s interesting to see the video being in one tiny studio and all that still happening. the quick transition between colors and backgrounds in most parts of the video offers a special live feel to the song. It is also nice how the song fades to black to end the song after being chaotic the entire time.



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