Two Music Video

Ever since I began to like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their song Soul To Squeeze, a B-side song off of their 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik has always been a personal favorite.  In this music video, it portrays a carnival filled with carnies.  I love this music video because it describes how these carnies try to fit in since they are different from other people.  Also, I love how the music video was shot in black and white considering it takes place in the past, judging by the looks of the car.

The lyrics in the song are relatively sad to be honest, however I think the mood and visuals of the music video fit the lyrics perfectly and tell the lyrical story.  For example, the chorus explains how Anthony Keidis, the lead singer and main character, has no idea where he is going.  For the first half of the music video, it shows him looking sad while the carnival is always traveling. The mood and lighting of the video really emphasize on Keidis’s feelings.  Then, when the music picks up for a solo, it shows someone being shot out of a cannon, visually representing someone having a meltdown.

One of my favorite moments of the music video happens when it shows a visual of the carnies sitting at a table.  The camera slowly pans down the table and as the lyrics speed up, it brings a happier mood to it.  Also in the video, it’s noticeable how the lighting increases instead of having a darker/sadder mood.  The symbolism of the lyrics lightening up fits perfectly with the visuals and lighting of the video.


I chose Come A Little Closer by Cage The Elephant for a few reasons.  For starters, the song is awesome and the music video is completely the opposite of Soul To Squeeze.  Visually, this video is incredible.  Yes it may be based on a drug-trip according to the brightly colored, imaginative visuals, however the creativity level is incredibly high.

For the most part, the lyrics in the song talk about questioning what you’re actually seeing, figuratively speaking; an acid/mushroom trip.  The visuals in the video of random creatures, bright colors, and the idea of being in an ‘out-of-mind’ state match the song’s mood perfectly.  Also, most video’s focus on people and are created in human environments.  I think the animation and colors really make this video so unique, especially with adding the band members and watching them explore the imaginary land.

With how the song goes, it is very chill and relaxing prior to the chorus being more upbeat.  However, from 2:16 to 3:21, there is a slower break in the song.  What makes this minute in the music video so great is how it shows Matthew Schultz, the lead singer, floating on a planet dreamily.  The video perfectly matches the mood of the song at that moment.  As the song progresses around 2:50, the video begins to lose it’s dreamy state as Schultz goes towards a planet.  Then at 2:50, the chorus explodes back in and when it does, the planet explodes into bright colors.  Overall, the video’s visuals help tell the story of the song’s mood from dreamy, leading to an explosive ending chorus.



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