Music Videos

The first music video I chose was “Forty six and two” by Tool. I chose the video because it tells a story instead of just showing the band playing their instruments and singing. The story in the music video seems to be a spin off of Hansel and Gretel. I like that the story goes along with the lyrics and the mood of the song moves with the story. The video is interesting visually because in the beginning there is good use of shadows as the little girl ascends into the world behind her walls, and into a well lit hallway, which shows repetition because of the parallel walls on lighting and both sides of her.



The second video I chose was “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” by Santigold. I like this video because the visuals are consistent throughout the entire thing, starting with the establishing shot of her photo booth pictures. I also like the angles looking up at the singer because it goes with the idea of the song.






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