Two Music Videos

Jadakiss – Why (2004)

This song and video questions the hypocrisy and the inculcate nature throughout the culture and system of America. This video features the artist sitting on a couch watching the television and what the system’s want you to think. It shows vivid imagery and illusions based on every lyric of the song. With each line he opens a door or turns the channel and places the viewer in some of the darkest problems of America. Each cut and scene change is synchronized with the story of the video. The lying and hypocrisy is debuted from scene’s portraying the problems of living in America, particularly black. Jadakiss puts a video (story-line) inside another video and it flows perfectly. The video never loops and continuously moves into each scene and lyric in one motion. And over the course of him fictionally appearing on the television asking the real questions, he slowly builds support and movement behind him into the end of the video. The song is strengthened by the filming inception directed in the video.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist (2000)

This is probably one of the most iconic and bizarre video’s of the 21st century. ‘The Avalanches’ are one of the pioneers for electronic music and mixing. The video is based primarily on figurative elements of the lyrics and schizophrenic back-tone of the song.  The video puts on a crazy mixed-media stage production to go along with the song. I thoroughly enjoyed and commend the various theatrics it took to make this video. Without the craziness and figurative imagery in the video, this song wouldn’t have been accommodated as much as it has to this day. The on-stage set and basically being one scene, literally makes the viewer feel like they’re losing their mind by the end. By far my favorite part is the beginning, with the spotlight on ‘Dexter’s’mother and principal while the backdrop of characters are dimmed, setting up the rest of the video perfectly.


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