Music Video Analysis

The first video I chose was Molly by Lil Dicky feat. Brendon Urie.

It isn’t even just that the song itself is really good, the music video really gets an emotional appeal and you don’t expect it at all even if you have heard the song before.

The whole beginning you think Lil Dicky is getting ready for his wedding. He is going through photos of him and Molly on his phone and you think he is going to his wedding to marry this girl.

He arrives at the church and hugs everyone thinking he is thanking them for coming. Right at 2:17 you realize the love of his life is marrying someone else, and he is attending his ex’s wedding. But you realize he is still in love with her by the song and the way he looks at her throughout the wedding.

The thing that makes this video so strong is that this happened in real life, and this is his real feelings on the situation and you see that on his face.

He is really hurt and still clearly in love with her which you can see and it pulls an emotion. I can say I cried the first 3 times watching this video.

It is well put together and it clearly gets the message across.


The next video I chose was Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé.

The video itself is so powerful and gets a clear message across.

We get the message that women try so hard to be perfect and make sure they look right but it is hurting them overall and it is making them sick and unhealthy.

We really see this at around 4:55 when Beyoncé is making herself throw up to make herself skinnier. We know that this is a problem and this music video is one that actually shows the problem and makes it known how bad it is.

She says she wants to be happy in the video, but the whole time we see how sad she is because she is so focused on trying to make herself “pretty”.

The message is so strong, and the video really captures the problem.

Not only is it a great song, the video compliments it by showing the real problem and making people see it.


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