H.H. Holmes- The Devil in the White City

H.H. Holmes is best known as America’s first serial killer. His house in Chicago was set up as a maze full of traps, where he would lure people to stay at his home. He would later murder these victims.

The World’s Fair was in Chicago in 1893, and architects designed Roman-like buildings for the exposition. It was deemed ‘the White City.’

It was a house of horrors. Holmes had specific trap doors and secret passage ways set up throughout his house so he could easily move dead bodies to the basement to burn. It was nicknamed ‘Murder Castle’ and was eventually torn down in 1938. Today, a post office is in its place.


Holmes murdered 20 to 100 people, well surpassing Bundy and Gacy.

Erik Larson wrote a book titled “The Devil in the White City” in 2003 about Holmes’ murders.


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