Twitter Accounts for Serial Killer Enthusiasts.


  1. @slamirante – This is Sam Amirante’s Twitter account. He was the defense attorney for John Wayne Gacy. He had a first-hand experience defending someone who was clearly guilty.
  2. @johnhenrybrowne– This is also the Twitter account of a defense attorney for a serial killer. John Henry Browne defended Ted Bundy. As like Amirante, he had a first-hand account with a serial killer.
  3. @tedcruz– This is the twitter account for the Zodiac Killer, who was a serial killer in the late 60s and early 70s. He also happened to have ran for president of the United States in 2016.
  4. @holmes_mudgett– This is a sort of parody account for H.H. Holmes who was the first serial killer in the United States. He has had a book written about him, and it is called ‘The Devil in the White City,’ which documents his killings during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Later on, he was thought to have fled to England. Some skeptics say he was also ‘Jack the Ripper,’ a serial killer in London.
  5. @SHO_Dexter– This is the twitter account for the show Dexter, which is fictional, yet about a serial killer.
  6. @DailyKillerFact– This account documents different serial killers.
  7. @serial__killers – This account also documents different serial killers through photographs and news articles.
  8. @exlarson– Erik Larson wrote “The Devil in the White City,” and he also follows me back on Twitter!
  9. @DatelineNBC– This is the account for the show that documents real-life mysteries, most of which include stories of murder.
  10. @DiscoveryID– This is a channel dedicated solely to shows about true crime.
  11. @LtJoeKenda– Joe Kenda is a retired cop who has his own show on Investigation Discovery retelling stories about murders he has helped solve.
  12. @dateline_keith– Keith Morrison is a Canadian broadcast journalist and has been working for Dateline since 1995.
  13. @LesterHoltNBC– Lester Holt is also a broadcast journalist for Dateline on NBC, among other NBC news programs.
  14. @VinceBugliosi– Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecuting attorney in the 1970 trial of Charles Manson. He also co-wrote Helter Skelter in 1974 with Curt Gentry.
  15. @BretEastonEllis– Bret Easton Ellis wrote “American Psycho.” Although it is fiction, it describes the personality traits of a psychopath.
  16. @Peter_Vronsky– Peter Vronsky has written several non-fiction books about serial killers.
  17. @SherlockSH– This is an account for the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
  18. @FBI– The FBI deals with a lot of shit, including serial killers.
  19. @BarbaraJWalters– Barbara Walters is a broadcast journalist and hosts 20/20.
  20. @JMitchellNews– Jerry Mitchell is an investigative reporter. He helped put four KKK members and a serial killer behind bars.

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