Twitter feed for a makeup junkie

Below is a short list of the many companies or makeup artists to follow for new trends, awesome makeup looks and the latest products. Some of the accounts listed below include information about your basic cosmetics, skin care, vegan products and more. I chose these accounts to follow because each offer something different. For example, Wet n’ Wild is one of my all time favorite brands because they are quality as well as affordable so I am always making sure to check up on their new products.

  1. @MACcosmetics- A store as well as a brand found in Macy’s and Sephora.
  2. @OlaySkin
  3. @Maybelline
  4. @lushcosmetics
  5. @Sephora
  6. @UrbanDecay
  7. @Nyxcosmetics
  8. @ABHCosmetics(Anastasia Beverly Hills)
  9. @limecrime
  10. @Covergirl
  11. @smashbox
  12. @Stilacosmetics
  13. @jamescharles
  14. @KATVONDbeauty
  15. @TooFaced
  16. @tartecosmetics
  17. @wetnwildbeauty
  18. @elfcosmetics
  19. @HardCandyLife
  20. @LOrealParisUSA




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