Twitter accounts to follow for cheerleading

Here is my list of people to follow for my twitter!

  1. Inside Cheerleading – @InsideCheer
  2. IFC Cheerleading- @ifc_cheer
  3. Varsity Spirit- @VarsitySpirit
  4. ISU Cheerleading- @ISUCheerleading
  5. EIU Cheer Team- @EIUCheer
  6. Cheer Athletics- @CheerAthletics
  7. USASF Cheer- @USASFcheer
  8. cheerUPDATES- @cheerUPDATES
  9. USA Cheer- @usacheer
  10. Int’l Cheer Union- @ICUcheer
  11. CheerBook- @theCheerBook
  12. Cheer Perks- @CheerPerks
  13. Everything Cheer- @ECMagazine
  14. USASF Cheer Worlds- @The_CheerWorlds
  15. cheerleading- @worldofcheerxo
  16. NationalCheerSafety- @cheer4safety
  17. USASF Cheer Worlds- @USASFworlds
  18. Days ‘Til Daytona- @DaysTilDaytona
  19. NCA Updates- @NCAUpdates
  20. NCA Staff Michele- @NCAMicheleC

I chose these accounts because they all keep up to date in the cheer world and are factual. They explain every point I want to make in my blog.


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