Should the Cubs be doing more in the offseason?

So far in the offseason, the Cubs have made a couple of moves to try and improve from last year’s World Series team.  For starters, the Cubs took some L’s as they lost Dexter Fowler to the St. Louis Cardinals, David Ross retiring, and Aroldis Chapman returning to the Yankees.  However, in order to make up for their loss of star power, the Cubs have brought in some nice additions.  Since Chapman was a star closer, the Cubs brought in Wade Davis who has been an elite relief pitcher the past three years.  Also, the Cubs acquired Jon Jay to split time in centerfield with Albert Almora Jr.  The Cubs are hoping that Jay can help fill the void with Fowler leaving.  With that being said, have the Cubs done enough to match their lineup from last year?

According to Bleacher Report, the Cubs have earned themselves a Grade A so far in the offseason.  The article says the Cubs have done a great job of making up for their ailing centerfield and bullpen with those key departures.  For the most part, I agree with Bleacher Report.  However, there is one area I would like to see the Cubs improve on.

Even though David Ross was not a superb player, he was still a great leader in the locker room for our young team.  Aside from him, Ben Zobrist might have been a leader or Anthony Rizzo.  I think the Cubs should look at someone who does not have to be a superstar, but a veteran who has won a couple championships before.  The Cubs are a young and potential dynasty franchise, however I am unsure how the team will handle their new found glory.  For some teams who win their first franchise in years, in may go to their head.  I’m not sure if that happened with the 2015 Kansas City Royals since they had not won a World Series since 1985, but this year they did not even make the playoffs.

If they are unable to find a veteran to trade for or on free agency, I would not mind seeing the Cubs go after another catcher.  The Cubs have their future catcher in Willson Contreras who showed bright signs last year regarding his hitting, however he still struggled with mechanics.  We then had David Ross and Miguel Montero who had some clutch hits, but struggled offensively the whole season.  Looking at the free agency list, I would like to see the Cubs go after catcher Matt Wieters.  He has made four All-Star games, along with two Gold Gloves.  His offense is not much better than Ross or Montero, however his defensive presence could have an effect on Contreras.  If the Cubs go after Wieters and release Montero, I believe their team would definitely improve.



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