Cheerleading is named an official sport

Back in December the International Olympic Committee voted to make cheerleading an official sport.

When it will be seen in the olympics isn’t known yet, but it isn’t likely that the sport will be featured in the 2020 Olympics. It isn’t said yet if they will be featured in summer or winter olympics, but until it is said on which olympics they will be featured in and what year they will start showcasing cheerleading we can still be happy with the results.

Also, it isn’t certain that the sport will be in the olympics at all. Over the course of provisional period that the sport is in, the committee can vote to bring cheerleaders to the Olympic Games. So it does mean there’s a possibility that the sport will be featured at some time it just may take awhile until this really happens.

Many people for years have said that cheerleading is not a true sport. But after consideration, the committee said that competitive cheerleading is considered a sport. Competitive cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports, with many injuries and can lead to more injuries than sports such as football in some cases. Not that football doesn’t have a lot of injuries, but cheerleading just can have more at times.

Cheerleading requires a lot of athletic ability and is dangerous so why has it taken so long to be considered a real sport anyways? Unfortunately, some people don’t have this opinion and are not happy about the decision. People still don’t believe in the ability cheerleaders must have to be able to compete and unfortunately are not given the chance to prove themselves.

Hopefully, with time, the olympics will feature cheerleading and people will finally see that the committee was right to say it is a sport. Cheerleaders can finally have peace being acknowledge for their hard work.



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