Accounts that will be feeding my timeline

Before I create a following of my own, I had to create a list of the right people for me to follow on Twitter. Here are 20 accounts that will be making their mark on my Twitter feed:

  • EIU Party & Bullsh*t
    • All right, I know this isn’t an official website but it is a gossip website that a majority of Eastern students follow and occasionally submit material to. It is a relevant and important news source to the student population.
  • Ike’s, Marty’s, Penalty Box, Panther Paw, Stu’s Bar, Dirty’s Bar & Grill
    • These are the bars that I could find accounts to that students frequently hit up on the weekends
  • Bartender Tammy
    • She’s the notorious owner of Ike’s and Mother’s bar and has received a shout out on TFM- how could I not follow this local celebrity?
  • Total Sorority Move (TSM), Total Frat Move (TFM)
    • These accounts post articles about funny stories from colleges and Greek life all over the country- a great place to find humor and inspiration
  • EIU Greek Life
    • Greek life is a dominant part of Eastern Illinois, therefore, it is important to keep up on the events they host from socials to philanthropies
  • EIU Greek Week
    • This is one of the biggest events Greek life participates in- how do they prepare and how do they celebrate their victories (and defeats) appropriately?
  • Daily Eastern News
    • Updating students on everything from AP to local news- the perfect source of inspiration when I hit writer’s block
  • EIU Panthers
    • Sports page for Eastern that shows the party can also be on the court or on the field
  • MTV
    • Eastern streams the channel and the music on most of the televisions in the dining halls
  • Mac’s Uptowner
    • I used to write for the Verge and this is a popular venue for local bands and a nice change of pace for locals and students
  • EIU Volunteers
    • They say it’s about who you spend Sunday with…you can spend that Sunday volunteering, too!
  • Netflix US
    • Streaming and suggesting the perfect movies for a night in
  • Vogue Magazine
    • Will these edgy fashion trends survive in a small town?
  • Jimmy John’s
    • A staple of Charleston, this Twitter page is known for responding to students with witty comments to students’ complaints and compliments on the sandwich shop

By following these accounts and publicizing my professional twitter account, I hope my blog about the social life at Eastern Illinois University will make its mark on the internet and the school!



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