Twitter Accounts

  1. @MLBStatoftheDay:  This account will help keep me updated on everything MLB statistic wise.  I chose this account because it will allow me to see what players are playing well and will help me when discussing players the Cubs should potentially look at signing.
  2.  @MLB:  Like the first account, this one will keep updated on all MLB players, including injuries and potential free agents.  Knowing what’s going on around the league could inform me on players who want to be traded and if the Cubs are a possible destination.
  3.  @Cubs:  I have been following this account for awhile now and for the most part, it is always the first place for me to know everything Cubs related.  It is the official account for the Cubs so I know that everything tweeted will be accurate.
  4. @IowaCubs:  This account pertains to one of my future blog posts: what farm system players should the Cubs look to bring up?  The Cubs have a very successful farm system and by following this account, it will allow me to keep up to date with their potential rookies.
  5.  @CSNCubs:  I chose this account because it is associated with CSN Chicago and tweets about news, rumors, and more.  This account is great because it could give me ideas for blog posts.  For example if there is a trade rumor, I can discuss how it could benefit or weaken the Cubs.
  6. @SBCubs:  This account focuses on the minor league Cubs team in South Bend, Indiana.  Like the IowaCubs accounts, this will also provide a more specific area on their farm system and what players are performing great.
  7.  @ARizzo44:  For my first player account, I chose to follow Anthony Rizzo because he is the second best hitter on the Cubs.  If I choose to write a post on something he does, possibly charity work, I can rely on his personal account to look at pictures and receive information.
  8. @Cardinals:  Even though they are the Cubs biggest rival, it would be key to see what their team is up to.  By looking at their official Twitter account, I’ll be able to look at who is injured and if they pose a big threat in the Central Division.
  9. @Indians:  The Cubs may have beat them in the World Series, however the Indians have made a huge off-season pick up in acquiring First Basemen Edwin Encarnacion. The Indians are looking to return to the World Series and it could be vital to see how they are doing through the season.
  10.  @Buster_ESPN:  Buster Olney has been one of my favorite ESPN writers for awhile.  When it comes to figuring out trades and baseball news, he is the best in my opinion.  Following him will provide me with inside scoops on baseball transactions.
  11.  @BBTN:  Baseball tonight is a reliable source for informing me on all of the baseball games when the season begins.  Also, when game scores are tweeted, they usually have information if a team is hot or if a team is slumping.
  12. @espn:  ESPN Twitter account does a great job of keeping up with all of the news around a specific sport.  When baseball season rolls around, ESPN will be tweeting out a lot of baseball information regarding all of the teams.
  13. @BleacherReportBleacher report is a very well-known blog that discusses everything sports related.  By following this account, I could branch off of an article I really like that involves the Cubs.  I know they will write about the Cubs because of them possibly repeating.
  14.  @LenKasper:  Len Kasper has been the Cubs play-by-play announcer since 2005 and since then, I have always liked how he has called games.  He could tweet about Cubs players who have had big games and also inform me on who has been playing well or not.
  15. @D_Ross3:  David Ross last year was arguably the most beloved Cubs player in the locker room.  However, he has retired now and is now working with ESPN.  He could provide knowledge about the Cubs locker room because he experienced it first hand.
  16. @KrisBryant_23:  The NL MVP is someone important to follow because for a blog post, I would like to write a feature post on him and focus on his off the field life.  I know he just got married, does charity work, and writing a post on it would be interesting.
  17. @CSNChicago:  Anything related to Chicago sports is worthy of following.  Even though the Cubs are not in season right now, when the season comes around in early, March, this account will be tweeting a lot more.
  18.  @BsbHighlights:  This account will strictly tweet highlight plays from around the MLB.  If Cub’s players end up on the account, maybe a blog post idea would be to do a weekly top ten plays from the Cubs season.
  19.  @RealKentMurphy:  I really would like to add some humor to it, so I thought I should include an account that I find really funny.  Sometimes, this account does have solid ideas so I could maybe use to one for inspiration.
  20.  @Pirates:  Aside from the Cardinals, the Pirates pose the other biggest competition in the NL Central.  I would like to know what’s going on with the Pirates because if they make a trade or lose a key player, it could alter the Cubs chances of winning.

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