Tweet ‘Em for Effingham Gems

Here are some of the best people to follow on Twitter to further explore Effingham, Ill.

The Effingham Daily News: @EDNMain

  • One of the town’s leading publications. They are arguably the top news source for Effingham.

KJ Country 102.3: @KJCountry1023

  • A regularly-broadcasted radio station with local news stories. Again, a local news source and event announcer.

979 XFM: @979Xfm

  • A radio station that provides local news.

957 WCRC: @957WCRC

  • One of four radio-news stations located in and broadcasted from Effingham.

News Talk 1090: @1090WCRA

  • Another radio news source in town.

Greg Sapp: @greg_sapp15

  • Perhaps the most well known radio broadcaster in town. A broadcaster true to delivering accurate news.

Dawn Schabbing: @DawnSchabbing

  • Journalist with the Effingham Daily News. She is the city reporter.

City of Effingham: @effinghamil

  • Twitter in the hands of Effingham’s mayor.

Effingham County Chamber of Commerce: @effcochamber

  • One of the places that knows all the happenings in town.

Effingham News Online: @EffNewsOnline

  • Another local new provider with strictly online content.

Effingham Public Library: @EffinghamPL

  • What better place to learn about Effingham than its library?

Effingham Visitor’s Center: @VisitEffingham

  • The top place to get the scoop on the coolest places in town.

Effingham, IL: @Effingham_IL

  • Another city account for Effingham.

Enjoy Illinois: @enjoyillinois

  • An Illinois traveler that checks out all the cool places in the state for you. Some stops were made at Effingham.

Effingham Performance Center: @EPCEffingham

  • A potential topic idea, the EPC is a mecca of entertainment.

Hodgson Mill: @HodgsonMill

  • One of the coolest ways to see the finished product of local mills.

Tuscan Hills Winery: @TuscanHillsWine

  • A sophisticated place to spend a Saturday night.

Niemerg’s Steakhouse: @Niemergs

  • Perhaps one of Effingham’s most well loved restaurants. A local favorite.

MidAmerica Motorworks: @acvwpassion

  • Home to Corvette fest. Perhaps one of the places that draws the most out-of-towners.

Scott Ealy: @TheScottEaly

  • A local attorney that shares stories about Effingham constantly on his account.

Follow these accounts in addition to my own to uncover what Effingham has to offer.



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