The Flash Twitters

Hello again everyone! Here are some of the Twitter feeds I am currently following in order to bring the most up-to-date and versatile information to this blog.

Here is the link to this Twitter list.

  1. The Flash – @CW_TheFlash
    This is the official Twitter page for the CW show.
  2. Grant Gustin- @grantgust
    Grant is the lead actor of the show, portraying the title character, The Flash
  3. Candice Patton – @candicekp
    Candice portrays another main character, Iris West.
  4. Danielle Panabaker – @dpanabaker
    Danielle plays Caitlin Snow, a member of Team Flash.
  5. Tom Cavanagh – @CavanaghTom
    Tom has portrayed several different roles on the show, some heroes and some villains.
  6. Carlos Valdes – @Tha_Los
    Carlos portrays Cisco Ramon, another member of Team Flash.
  7. FlashWritersRoom – @FLASHtvwriters
    This is the Twitter for the writers of the CW show.
  8. Entertainment Weekly – @EW
    They are likely to publish new information as it becomes available.
  9. The Flash Fans – @EssentialFlash
    This is a fan based twitter dedicated to the show.
  10. The Flash Podcast – @TheFlashPodcast
    This is also a fan based twitter based on a podcast dedicated to The Flash.
  11. Flash TV Talk – @FlashTVTalk
    This is a similar feed dedicated to the show.
  12. Flash TV News – @FlashTVNews
    This feed is also dedicated to news about The Flash.
  13. The Flash Office – @FLASHProdOffice
    This is another twitter feed dedicated to The Flash office.
  14. Geoff Johns – @geoffjohns
    He is one of the co-creators of The Flash.
  15. Andrew Kreisberg – @AJKreisberg
    He is another co-creator and producer.
  16. Greg Berlanti – @GBerlanti
    He is also a co-creator and producer.
  17. Flashy Fandom – @gustinfangirls
    This is a fan run page that posts opinions and information from the show.
  18. Does it like Grant – @patton_gust
    This is another fan run page with similar content.
  19. This Is Iris – @WESTALLENGuru
    This page is also fan run with similar content.
  20. Grant Gustin fan – @grantismyfavv
    This is yet another fan run page with interesting content regarding the series.

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