Prologue: My Blog Beat

For my blog beat, I am choosing to follow the social life and night life of Eastern Illinois University students. Initially, I chose this beat because it would be easy to find sources- I would not have to jump through as many hoops to get a quote or interview. Although the original conception of my idea was based on the simplicity of it, the amount of angles I can explore through this topic makes it complex. Most importantly, it will make for some interesting posts. I want to cover everything from polls about students’ favorite bars to ridiculous (but appropriate) situations students have found themselves in once the sun goes down.

As a member of a sorority and an involved student on campus, I am someone who is not afraid to push the envelope and try new things. What is good writing without any risks? Like any average college student, I enjoy my fair share of extracurricular activities over the weekend and I know a lot of people who would be open to sharing their opinions, anecdotes, and personalities with me so I can translate them into a blog that is as well written as it is enjoyable. Outside of the expected night life, I want to also explore what is fun to do on things such as a Girls’ Night In or local bands that are set to perform at venues around the area.

The main reason I became a journalist is because I love getting to know people. Like an onion, people have an infinite amount of layers and I enjoy peeling them back to see what I find. That, combined with writing, is my dream job, and I am glad that I can make it a career through journalism.

Until my first blog post, follow me on twitter so you can get used to my sense of humor and aesthetic: @cdhodorowicz.

For my visual learners, here is a picture of me with the Danny Devito cake my best friends made me for my 19th birthday:





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