Final project | Indoor skate place opens in Charleston

While the weather may be freezing, one group will not be ice skating this season.

Local skateboarders no longer have to worry about frostbite, or any other weather related injuries, as they carry out their hobby thanks to a new hang out in Charleston.

Board of Education Skate Shop, located on The Square, made its debut during the “Christmas in the Heart of Charleston” holiday festival Dec. 3, 2016.

The recently opened business has a mini ramp, box and two exit ramps on which patrons can perform tricks after paying a five dollar entry fee.

Luke Owen, a long-time skater from Mattoon who built all of the shop’s ramps, said he is stoked to have a weather-resistant place, where he and his friends can skateboard and meet other people who share their passion, so close to home.

“Before Board of Education, people like me and my buddies had to go super far out of our way to hang out at a place like this,” Owen said.

Owen said he would commute to an indoor skate place in St. Louis, but he said it was difficult to convince most of his local friends to travel that far to skateboard for a few hours.

“Now I can call up basically any of my buddies, and if they’re not busy, they’ll be on their way (to Board of Education Skate Shop) in seconds,” Owen said.

The business also has skate supplies such as shoes, skateboard decks, trucks and wheels for people to purchase.


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