Pearly Whites

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want white teeth? That’s the first thing that stands out to me when I’m talking to a person – I want to see how well they keep up with their teeth. It has become such a bad habit, but I just think it’s extremely important to have nice teeth.

You hear about everything from pastes, strips, gels and the list GOES ON! A few ways to keep up with good teeth is brushing as much as you need to. I never really used to follow this but once I started doing so and brushing at least twice a day, I was able to keep up with my teeth and have it stay white.

Brushing a lot could also be bad too, because if you’re either using strips all the time or a certain toothpaste, you can wear away your enamel – so you want to find a good balance.

SMOKING! Like come on, if you’re looking for good teeth but smoke cigarettes… You can kiss those dreams goodbye.


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