A different kind of ‘book’ this time.

Books come in many shapes and forms, and some are more unique than others. I have heard many good things about scrapbooking, and it seems like something that could be a good idea. It would be a good place to store memories and pictures and make them look presentable.

For those people who want to try it out as well, here are some links you could use:


Here is a link to a place you could get some crafts and pretty paper for your scrapbook. These could be fun and make it easy, as you would not have to make your own.


The above link explains how to make one. It goes through a good points and can help out any beginning scrapbooker.

What I learned from this is that for the scrapbook supplies, you will need cardstocks, patterned papers, scissors, adhesives, a journaling pen, a scrapbook album and some fun embellishments. Those could be fun to look for.

This link is great, as it really shows what beginners need to make a scrapbook. Nothing fancy, but still fun.


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