Dairy Queen

In my hometown area, we have 3 Dairy Queens. They all only serve ice cream. When I came to Charleston and realized they had a Dairy Queen Chill n Grill I was eager to try it out, since I had never ate at a Dairy Queen before.

Come to find out, I like their ice cream better.

I ordered a chicken tender basket. It came with 3 tenders, fries, a piece of toast and gravy for dipping.

I am from a town where we are famous for making homemade biscuits and gravy, and let me tell you that Dairy Queen’s “gravy” is a disgrace to society. Seriously, it’s nasty. Don’t try it. It is watery and doesn’t even have real sausage.

The fries were okay, nothing special, very plain flavoring.

The service could have been better. The people are nice but very slow, it wasn’t even busy when I went.

As for my usual Peanut Butter Bash Sundae, it is always fantastic.

I’ll stick to DQ as a dessert destination.


Rate: Food: 3/10, Ice cream: 9/10



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