Buffalo Wild Wings without the Wings

Many people think I am very strange, I don’t like BDUBS wings. Oh, I hate mild sauce too.

I love going to Bdubs for the atmosphere, not the food.

Honestly, I usually order a water with lemon, and ultimate nachos as my meal.

I get the nachos because the wings just don’t agree with me. The buffalo sauce isn’t good either, although I do enjoy asian zing sauce with chicken tenders every once in awhile.

The nachos consist of chips with chilli, cheese, lettuce, and pico. You can add chicken to it if you like for an extra fee. Salsa comes on the side as well.

The nacho platter is huge and it will fill you up, although most people share it as an appetizer.

To be honest, my friends and I would go to Bdubs once a month and pretend it was someone’s birthday every time so we would get a free piece of chocolate cake and scoop of vanilla ice cream. We’re the worst type of people I know, but we’re on a college budget.

Service is always pretty good. Not outstanding, but not horrible.

Rate: 6/10



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