My weekend [t]workflow | Beware of “the dancer 15”

imageBecoming a dancer is both similar to and different from becoming a traditional college student when it comes to gaining weight.

That’s right, if a dancer isn’t cautious, she will fall victim to her own version of the infamous “freshman 15.”

This phenomenon is caused by several factors

First of all, because she is making a higher income, she is more willing to spend some of it on going out to eat.

Indeed, I eat out at least thrice a week now, but my constant running around for my job as a journalist and my kid balances it all out.

Another reason a dancer will gain weight is if she only excercises when she’s at work (twice a week)

This, especially when combined with the first reason, is the biggest cause of weight gain.

The muscle gained from lifting one’s self up on the pole will ultimately turn into fat if access calories are  consumed without working out.

While dancer reason for weight gain are very different from causes of freshman weight gain, they both are unhealthy changes in the body.

Unlike first year college students, dancers depend on their bodies to make money, so staying in shape is about more than overall health.

It’s also about looking good in the eyes of customers, in order to continue to make that extra income.




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