The Importance of bookstores

A bookstore in my hometown recently closed.

Screen shot 2016-12-09 at 2.09.37 AM.png

I heard about it from a friend of mine, but I was actually very schocked when he told me this. It was part of a chain of stores, yes, but my friends and I kind of made it our own place- we would hang out there many days, reading books and sipping the free coffee (or, more accurately for me, drinking the free creamer.)

It really made me think of how important book stores are. There are great ones in Charleston, and I want to check them out when I have more time. But the one from my home town that closed down always reminded me of times with my friends back at home, and we made some fun memories and had good times there.

When I saw the above link, I could totally relate to the writers having their own favorite bookstores for quirky reasons. Even in an age  where many can buy their books online, it is still great and so valuable to be able to shop and see and explore new books and old favorites.


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