What its like

So, for this post, I will dive back into the whole idea of being a non-traditional student. It is actually growing more and more common to see adults returning to college as they change careers or simply look to gain more knowledge in their current job.

Researchers continue to exam the rise in the number of non-traditional students on college campus’ to ensure they universities and colleges alike are keeping up with the trend. nontraditional-students-infographic

For me, the decision to give college a try was nothing more than an opportunity to better provide for my family. As a truck driver there was no doubt of the ability to financially provide, but being away was creating an enormous void that my wife and I did not want to burden or children with. Seeing dad on the weekend and knowing that if something was happening during the week that dad would not be there quickly began to create the need for change.

In no way am I saying that great fathers (and mothers) cannot provide for their kids. What I am saying is that my wife and I decided it was not how we would bring up our kids.

Financially, I was able to support my wife while she obtained her bachelor’s of nursing and became an RN with many career opportunities. The doors opened with her degree allowed me the opportunity to take the time to obtain a degree for myself.

Initially, we planned to stop my education at an associates degree, since then we have learned that not only is a Bachelors degree affordable, it is also very much within reach and will almost certainly open many more doors for our family.

So, thank all of you in Jou3002 for accepting me into your class and making sure I felt welcome.


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