What Shoes to Wear in the Snow

Winter is here and it is only a matter of time that the snow is going to start falling and temperatures are already dropping to below 30 degrees. It is very important to have good shoes to wear in the snow that are waterproof and will keep you warm.

  1. Sorel’s- these boots are very comfy and come in all different shapes and colors. Most of the boots are either brown or black. These are very warm and they are waterproof. These are sold online on there website or other online websites. You can also find these in department stores. These range from about $100 to $300.
  2. Timberlands- these are great quality shoes and are also waterproof. These shoes are very easy to clean as well. Once you get any snow or dirt on them it comes right off by just wiping them. These come in all different colors as well, but most people get them in brown or black. Depending on where you get these shoes from they can range from anywhere to $30 which could be an off brand of them to about $200. normally Timberlands are around $80. These are not as warm as Sorel’s but they are still nice and some of them are made with fur inside of them depending on your style.


3.  Hunter Boots- all these are for rain mostly these boots do the job when coming to    walking in the snow. They are waterproof as well and they come in short or tall boots. They are also sold in a variety range of colors typically most women get them in black. These are sold pretty much anywhere. These are sold for about $150. Most women even get the hunter socks in them to make the boots feel a lot warmer and the socks are typically $30.


4. Uggs- Even though these are not all water resistant they still are super warm and comfy. These are also sold in tall styles or short styles with a ride range of colors. They can be found at almost any store or even online. Some of the style boots are waterproof while others that are not you can buy water proof spray so that they do not get in the snow. These cost around $100 0r more.


If these winter boots are not in your price range you can always get knock off brands of these shoes for cheaper. They may not last as long as the real brand though because they are not as good of quality.


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