What in the sam heck is a bucket hat?

Bucket hats are the newest styles. Before I came to college I had no idea what a bucket hat even was or that they even existed. Women and men all wear bucket hats. I use to think it was only used for people to wear in a safari because thats what most people wear them too, but now it’s worn all the time rain or shine.

Bucket hats are sometimes sold with out the string or with the string. The string is used to tighten the hat around your chin.

Bucket hat without string
Bucket hat with string

These two types of bucket hats are super cute it just depends on what you want to wear them with. They also come in many different colors and patterns. They have anything with donuts on them, plain colors, tie dye, different sports teams, and different ones made by different brands like Ralph Lauren. These hats can be found anywhere. If you want a sports hat it is best to go to sports stores like Clark Street Sports or Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you want regular or cool patterns they sell them at Spencer’s or Department stores, they even have them at Target or Walmart. Depending on your styles these hats range from anywhere to $10 to $40.


You can also wear these hats with almost anything. In college I see many students wear them to parties or even with jerseys. They are super affordable and cute. Its nice because unlike baseball or snapbacks these hats give the top of your head more room to breathe. I know it sounds funny but once you put on you will understand what I mean.

So they say what did college teach me.. I say, what bucket hats really were and how to wear them. Did you know they were even a thing?


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