Vests are the new trend

Every man or women that are in high school, college, and even out of school are loving the new styles of vests. They can be dressed up or down. Many people wear vests with jeans and others wear them with leggings if you are a women.

Furry vests for women are trendy now and days. Women wear them for the holidays or a night out on the town. They wear them with cute leggings or even leather pants. They come in multiple different colors depending on your style. These types of vests are more fancy and they keep you warm because they are made out of fur. The most trendy vests are found at Forever 21.









Unknown-8.jpegOther fashionable vests that are more casual are found at all department stores and pretty much anywhere you go. College students wear a lot of Patagonia vests or knock off brands that are just normal cute vests. For men you have two different types of vest.

Fleece Patagonia Vest
Down Patagonia Vest

As far as women wearing vests they either wear the Patagonia style vests or regular down vests. They down even have to be named brand and you can find them at Old Navy or other department stores as long as there edgy. Other women popular brands are L.L. Bean vests. Another look you tend to see are men and women both wearing flannels underneath their vests. This gives it more of a pop and makes it your own. Flannels are also warm so it helps you keep warm.

Old Navy Down Vest
Women Vest with Flannel

Whether or not you dress these vests up or down they always look good and tend to keep you warm. Men and women both look good in these outfits no matter how they dress them. If your looking for something new and trendy vests are the way to go.



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