Twitter Followers

As many people have noticed my blog posts are based on fashion. It talks about shoes, clothes, accessories, fashions trends that are anywhere from both mens and women’s fashion. I currently am a fashion blogger and try to post most of my blogs on twitter. My twitter name is @oscordots3. Since I do not tweet that much from this account I only have three followers one of them being my cousin the other, @FashionGirl240, and @hantar_turner who seems to be fashion icon.

With that being said I currently follow a bunch of different shoe brands such as Nike, UGGs, Under Armour, and Converse.

images.png        Unknown-1.jpeg

I also follow a lot of clothing brands and stores for example Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, and more. Following different fashion trends is also important while trying to blog because it helps figure out what today’s style is for both men and women. Following twitter accounts such as @TimesFashion, @FashionWeek, @WowWereTrending helps people understand which types of trends are happening around the area. It is also significant to follow fashion designers because when you look on there timeline on twitter you can see how they make each style of clothing and which fabrics they use. It is also good promotion to try and get there brand and name out there.

It is important to gain twitter followers so that they can see what you are posting and try to help promote your latest fashion trends and seek out what different things. It also helps you network and meet people thorough twitter because they can see your blog posts and what you are writing about. Following these twitter accounts helped me keep up to date on what the current fads are.

Follow me @oscordots 3 and my name is Olivia Scordato on twitter.


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