Let’s talk about Specs!

If there’s one thing I absolutely LOVE and CAN’T leave the house with… It’s a pair of stylish, show-stopping glasses or shades. I’ve only started wearing glasses a year or two ago and I could honestly say I don’t regret it one bit. Some may say that it’s such a struggle, but for me I love the aspect of being able to incorporate it into my everyday style.


Usually when I look for specs, I try finding something that can go with everything and I would recommend that to anyone, but it just depends on you and your personal style. Shades will always be a yes for me and my go-to is anything Ray Ban! These are so of quality and just give you even more style credibility.

The prices for these can range from $100 to almost anything above $200 and can be found at ray-ban.com 😏


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