Diamonds are NOT a girls best friend, but what jewelry is?

Many women who are around the age of 30 and up are into diamonds. When you are trying to find that special someone when you get older women want a wedding right that has a lot of carats and that are super expensive this makes sense when you are older you have more money and can afford to buy things like that.

Alex and Ani Bracelets: When you are in high school or a college student many women like to wear jewelry that is affordable and trendy. Right now a big thing are Alex and Ani bracelets. They are pretty cheap and girls like to get a bunch of them with different charms and wear them. Most of them come in gold and silver bangles and have different prints on them. They have anything depending on your personality. If you like sports they have ones with sports on them, they have Disney ones, anchor ones, sailboat, and many other wide varieties of them. These range at about $14 to about $70. Most girls get ones that are about $30 because they are things teens would like.


Pandora Bracelets: These bracelets are little more expensive than Alex and Ani but they are real silver and super nice. These are nice because you can buy different charms for it depending on what fits your personality and style. These cost anywhere from $45 to $325 depending on which kind you prefer and this is the bracelet only each charm are about the same prices as the bracelet most charms cost about $45. Even though this is expensive it is still cheaper than diamonds and these are real silver and gold so it is still nice.


Michael Kors Watch: These watches are pretty expensive, but they are very nice because some of them even have diamonds around the watch for a cheaper price. These watches are very nice and many people wear them with Alex and Ani bangles to spice up their outfit. These prices are a wide range depending on what styles you like. They can cost anywhere between $100 to $600. They are also real gold, rose gold, and silver.


All of these items can be found online or at department stores.

Alternatives: If you are trying to go the even cheaper route there are always cuban zirconia diamonds which are not real, but they look close enough. Many females wear the fake ones as earrings. You could also wear other cute jewelry from Forever 21 such as, chokers, long silver of gold necklaces, or even dangly silver are cold cute earrings.


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