Cyber Monday deals on Mens’s clothing at Department stores


Most men and women rave about this day to come. Every year it is on Monday, November 28. It always the Monday after Thanksgiving and department stores especially have the greatest deals. Black Friday is huge as well but to avoid the crowds I suggest going online and shopping for clothes. Department stores like Macy’s, Carson’s, JcPenny’s, and so many more have great deals.

At Macy’s as far as men’s clothing goes they have a variety of shoes, shirts, boxers, pants, coats all on sale. Everything is an extra 20 percent off even on sale items. There is also free shipping on things $25 or more. This Ralph Lauren shirt is a steal.


Most ment do not like to shop for themselves either or they are afraid to go in person and shop for clothing. This is why buying clothes online is very helpful and you get a good deal out of it.

At Carson’s mens sweaters were 60 percent off.


This sweater is great for the winter time and you can dress is up or down. You can wear this with jeans or nice dress pants for the holiday’s. Most shirts were on cyber Monday were great deals.

In the end if you are a man don’t be afraid to check out departments stores. If you are scared to shop in stores because you want to be masculine don’t hesitate to shop online because that is where the most deals are. Women like guys who can dress to impress. They don’t want a guy that is a slob.

Take it from most Women. Myself being a lady it is important for a man who can dress well. That is one of the first things a women sees when looking at a man.



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