Career planning done right

In a recent web posting on they list  10 tips for successful career planning and explain the benefits of each.

The 10 steps:

  1. Make career planning an annual event.
  2. Map your path since last career planning.
  3. Reflect on your likes and dislikes, needs and wants.
  4. Examine your pastimes and hobbies.
  5. Make note of your past accomplishments.
  6. Look beyond your current job for transferable skills
  7. Review career and job trends.
  8. Set career and job goals.
  9. Explore new education/training opportunities.
  10. Research further career/job advancement opportunites.

For each of the 10 steps the site explains how utilizing each step will keep your career planning fresh with both your current skills and the skills required in the ever advancing job market.

Many schools, including Eastern Illinois constantly share this type of information with students to remind them to keep up with the job market. By sharing the information students will benefit when they begin their own job search post graduation.


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