Places I would rather be: December 6

Here it is, already December and the end of another semester. Finals week starts in approximately six days, but really in about four when everyone will be cramming this weekend. How SWEET does a vacation to a warm, sunny getaway sound? I’ll tell you how… amazing. How about a trip to Cancun, Mexico for a stay at a 4.5 star resort?

Today, I would much rather be sitting in a beach chair taking in the sun with the gorgeous view of beach and ocean all around me. Lately, my mom, sister and I have been discussing a vacation for after this school year. I believe we have decided on going to a resort somewhere, I’m hoping in Cancun to stay at the one and only Le Blanc Spa Resort!


I have been on a couple of cruises to the bahamas, but I personally think flying to a resort and staying there would be a lot better than cruising around for days at a time. I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved the cruise but think about how nice this picture looks. Lounging out all day if you want to, going on tours, swimming, working out, really the options are endless.

Through the resort, not only can you pay basically all up front to where you don’t have to worry about much money there, but you are treated like royalty your whole time there in this magical looking place.

The spa’s resort and amenities are rated extremely high all over Trip Advisor compared to many other popular resorts in Cancun and it just looks and sounds like a great time.

Me personally, other than spending the majority of my time sitting on the beach and relaxing, I would try to go on some type of guided tour to really see how the culture is down there.

I know that Mexico has a really bad rep and everything, but I would love to see some of the things it has to offer outside of the resort’s boundaries.


With finals week coming in hotter and hotter, when you get stressed out… think about somewhere that you would rather be. Think about sitting on the beach, sipping your favorite beverage and relax for a second. That’s life.



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