Reign S1 E9

So in the last episode Mary and Bash ran off together because Mary believed in Nostradamus’s prophecy about her being the cause of Francis’s death. At the beginning of this episode it starts off right after that. They are in the woods running from the King’s guards. The guards end up catching up with them and taking them both back to court. Bash is imprisoned and Henry threatens to execute Bash for treason if Mary doesn’t marry Francis and claim the English throne. Mary decides to tell Francis about Nostradamus’s prophecy. Mary gives Henry an ultimatum. She wants him to legitimize Bash and make him the next King of France. Catherine tells Henry about Diane’s plot to legitimize Bash. Kenna tells her friends that she thinks that Diane is the one who killed Aylee. Francis finds out about Mary’s proposal to the King and attacks Bash and says that he will never forgive them for this. Henry agrees to try and get Bash legitimized. Francis leaves court. Catherine tries to leave but Henry imprisons her. Henry goes to Rome to ask the Pope for permission to legitimize Bash. There was times in history when children of kings with mistresses were acknowledged and legitimized. It wasn’t to common but it did happen.


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