Reign S1 E11

With Catherine imprisoned her family visits her. Henry returns from Rome. He falsely accuses Catherine of having an affair with Nostradamus which would result in her death. The castle nurse takes Isabelle’s baby to her home and once the mark fades she will take it to a convent. Catherine sees the babies mark and knows it is pagan. She has the nurse’s daughter tortured to find out where she took the baby. Catherine finds out about Clarissa. She had a birthmark that Nostradamus’s father tried to remove and that’s why she is deformed and also why he feels some sort of responsibility toward her. Bash and Mary visit the nurse to take the baby and to warn her of the Queen’s guards that are coming to get the child. They come and take the baby back to the palace. Catherine does have a lover and he returned to French court. Mary and Bash find out about the affair and that Catherine got pregnant with his child. Henry finds out who the man was and sentences him to death. Clarissa is Catherine’s daughter. Catherine de’Medici did not have a lover in real life. Her marriage to Henry was not always a happy one but she remained faithful.


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