Reign S1 E10

With Henry and Francis gone Bash is the face of the monarchy. People are not happy about it and someone tries to kill Bash. Bash’s cousin shows up and her father was a traitor and he doesn’t want anyone to find out or else he will never be King. Bash and Mary get her out of the castle. Isabelle, Bash’s cousin, goes into labor. They have to camp in the woods but pagans threaten them. They start chanting and they leave. That’s when Mary finds out about Bash’s past. Isabelle gives birth to a girl but she bleeds out and dies. Mary and Bash take the baby back to the castle but Isabelle put a mark on her foot that identifies with the pagans. Lola writes false letters saying that Catherine is the one that tried to kill Bash and if anyone she cares about dies Henry will see the letters.


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