Places I would rather be: December 5

Here it is, the last week of classes before Christmas Break and the dreaded…… finals. With that being said, at this point, who isn’t thinking about a vacation spot or somewhere they would rather be than with their head crammed into a book studying or finishing final projects? I know I most definitely am.

My place? Yellowstone National Park, home of the most beautiful park in all of America and maybe even the world.


Yellowstone probably seems like a really random place to want to go at this time of the year and maybe even a bit too “educational to some.” Yet, in my Geology class the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing plate tectonics which has now led to the discussion of Volcanoes. Yellowstone National Park is actually home to multiple and multiple volcanoes because of the plate tectonic converging process we have been talking about.

Something that makes it even more of a cool place to me after these previous classes is that the volcanoes that are located inside of Yellowstone are actually capable of erupting. Not only are they capable of erupting, but they have shown to do so about every 600,000 years or so…. Guess when the last eruption was? Yep, 600,000 years.


Now, the fact of the eruption being a possibility doesn’t scare me away at all. It actually intrigues me more. I would love to see a volcano in real life and especially some that have the chance of being active with this beautiful scenery around it found on

I would also love to see some of the wildlife that habitats there because I love animals a ton, of any sort really.

I just really think that going to visit Yellowstone would be an eye-opening experience and maybe add a connection with nature/wildlife to me that I could really use. It never hurts to open up your boundaries and see what else is out there, and visiting this beautifully historic park is something I would love to be doing on this cold, wintery day!


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