Observing People

This girl looks like she’s in  her early twenties. She has dark brown eyes. She has long, dark, and brown hair. She also has a headband in her hair. She looks like she’s around 160 pounds or so. She looks like she has an athlete build. She has a grey sweater on with black leggings. She looks stressed because she’s multitasking between looking at her phone, laptop, and drawing.


This  girl also looks like she’s in her early twenties. She has her hair up in a bun with glasses on. She has a purple long sleeve shirt on. Her shirt has greek letters on so it looks like she is in a sorority. She’s looks like she’s 150 pounds. She’s focused on her lap top. She’s also drinking water. She has a purple backpack too. I think she likes purple.


This guy looks like he’s in his early twenties. He has a grey pullover on with jeans and black boots. He also has shaggy hair with a black hat on backwards. He also has a watch on. He looks like he’s 140 pounds. He’s leaned over looking at his computer. He also is checking his phone periodically. He’s also observing the people walking by him.


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