Cooking in College | Pizza @ home

Pizza is an easy college staple, but you can really elevate your palette by making your own. This way, you control the amount of toppings and sauce-to-cheese ratio.



  • pizza crust
    • I buy mine prepackaged to make it easier, but you can also make it yourself. Choose your favorite type.
  • Pizza sauce
    • You can get creative here. Make your own, or use a different kind. I have made BBQ or Alfredo pizza in the past.
  • Cheese
    • Get fancy with it. Check out the cheese variety in your grocery store. Just remember to buy a cheese grater if it comes in a block.
  • Toppings
    • Again, choose what your heart desires. You can buy a lot of vegetables pre cut, or even frozen. I like to add spinach and green peppers. You wont have as much oil on it as if it were bought, so make sure to add flavor by adding tons of toppings.


Step one: Preheat your oven to 425 or according to your dough if prebought.

Step two: assemble the pizza. Have fun with it!

Step three : cook for approximately 12-15 minutes

And there you have it, an easy dish that will make your look older but still remind you of your all night study sessions.


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