Cooking in College | Instagramming your food

As you’re going through your cooking journey, you’ll undoubtedly want to show off your skills on your social media. Food photography is a tricky business. Plenty of people take photos of what they think is appetizing, but without the right elements, the food falls flat and looks kind of gross. Think about these elements before you capture the moment.


Just as you would with any photo, think about the lighting! Your dark apartment probably isn’t the best place. A YouTuber, HighCarbHannah, actually moves her food outside to nail the right lighting. You might not be that serious, but you should if you want to show it in its best state.

2. Color

Food is colorful, make sure to play on that aspect! You can highlight a dish by adding a side to it that makes it stand out, like a bland colored food such as chicken with bright veggies. Also, buy some fun colored plates that can bring a unique color scheme into your feed.

3. To bite or not to bite?

For the final hint, consider what feel you want your food to have (I know, it sounds weird but go with me). Some foods might not warrant a big bite in it. Spaghetti might not look as good mixed together as it would if it the sauce was placed on top, creating distinct layers. On the other hand, some foods could look better with a human element, like maybe a bitten doughnut? Whatever you choose, make sure to capture the food before you eat it completely 🙂


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