My weekend [t]workflow | Choosing what to wear

If it is cold outside, like it has been for the past couple of weeks, dancers, including myself, will wear more clothing than usual.

For an example, Harley, a dancer whose name derives from the comic book super villain, wore a sweater, which looked like this iconic character’s attire, along with tight black leggings last weekend.

Her and others’ clothing choices seem like common sense due to the chilly weather, but some dancers will choose to continue to wear their usual bikinis.

Those are the girls who want to promote themselves and their bodies as much as they can.

I do not blame these girls, but seeing so much of their skin exposed makes me feel a sort of second-hand chilliness, if you will.

However, most of my coworkers will, indeed, wear hoodies, sweaters and the like during the colder months around the bar and even sometimes out on stage.

This shows s lack of concern for what bar-goers prefer, unless they are paying extra money for a private dance of course.

In cases when cash is not involved, none of us are really as invested in customer service and preferences.

In fact, I would say we really focus on impressing each other, a topic I will get into in later blog post.




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