Where I would rather be today, December 1

Being as big of a fan of sports and the NFL that I am, I would really, really love to be in Minneapolis, Minnesota right about now. You may be asking, “wait, what? Minnesota? Why there? It’s even colder there than it is here!” My response to that is one phrase and one phrase only…. Thursday. Night. Football.

Tonight’s edition of TNF is between the visiting Dallas Cowboys and the Vikings of Minnesota. Not only is this a very interesting game for the NFC conference, but both teams have had fairly successful seasons (minus the Vikings as of late.)

Dallas is being fueled by their two rookies sensations, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott so far this season. With that being said, those two players are really one of the main reasons I would love to be there tonight to watch the game and see how those two young stars perform on such a big stage in a brand new, fancy, stadium that the Vikings now have.


Also, I have never been to the state of Minnesota before, so that’s something else that is intriguing me about wanting to be there tonight.

But, Minneapolis is quite the drive from Charleston, so unfortunately I will not be able to make the game tonight.

I will however be watching the football game on the television, sitting on my couch, probably doing homework. Welcome to college though, right?


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