Reign S1 E7

At the beginning of the episode Count Vincent of Naples visits the castle while Henry is gone. Diane talks to Bash about wanting to legitimize him. She talks about the possibility of Henry getting an annulment from Catherine which is treason. The Count’s son was taken hostage so as revenge he takes the castle hostage. As an escape plan Mary marks a path in the tunnels that leads out to the stables. Francis offers himself as a hostage to protect Mary. Mary and Catherine come up with a plan to escape. Francis, his brothers, and other servants escape. Olivia is to wait in the tunnels outside a trap door and open it for Mary and her ladies. She leaves and then Mary and the others are still trapped in the castle. Catherine gives the Count and his men poisoned coins at the feast and then all of his men die. The Count attempts to rape Mary but she stabs him in the neck. Francis comes back and cuts off his hand. Diane was responsible for the Counts visit. She wanted him to kill Francis and his brothers so Henry would have only one son left, Bash. These attacks never happened but to add more intrigue and drama to the show they added it.


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