Places I would rather be: November 30

On this last day of November and winter approaching very quickly as it is pretty cold out this morning, the first place that came to my mind when I stepped outside is that I want to be somewhere warm and nice…. Gulf Shores, Alabama.


I mean just look at that?! How does that not seem better than walking around a cold, college campus filled with students that would rather be sleeping these next two weeks away than going to class and being outside. I’ve never been to Gulf Shores before, and what made me think of it as my wishful place to be today is hearing the lineup for a music festival I would love to go there that is in May.

Although I have never been before, I have many people that I know that have been there and given it and all of its attractions a very good review, along with a lot of positive feedback seen on Twitter. Along with some reading and information found on Trip Advisor, here is a list of things I would do while in Gulf Shores.

Personally, I really love fishing and have for a really long time. Apparently the Gulf Shores is a really good place for fishing, so I would most definitely visit the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier and see if I could get lucky.


Also, ranked number five on Trip Advisor’s things to do in the beautiful Gulf Shores and something I would love to experience is Hummingbird Ziplines.


Zip lining is something that I have never done and all of my friends LOVE it, so you can bet that I would be there trying to get as much of a thrill as possible.

Another thing I would be doing a lot of while there, is obviously sit on the beach and sip cold beer, drinks, and soak in the sun and enjoy the warm weather while not in what is about to be the blazing-cold city of Charleston.




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