Where I would be: November 28

With Thanksgiving Break just ending and today being the first day back at class and on campus, it really has me wishing the past week hadn’t of gone by so quickly. I say this because my best friend since freshman year of high school had to go back to Arkansas where he has lived for the past year or so. He lives in Mountain Home and on this rainy Monday, I would really love to be there.


My friend, Gage, lives with his roommate Scott, who actually is also from my hometown of Lawrenceville, Illinois. The two are extremely adventurous and love nature and being outdoors, so they are constantly hiking through the crazy Arkansas mountains, trails, and creeks and that would be so cool to experience.


He puts tons of pictures such as this one on his Instagram “@gage_mcintosh” where it really does a great job of showing the beauty of the surrounding area that he and Scott live in. If I were there right now, I’m sure we would be in a spot something like this if not cooler just taking in everything in around us and enjoying life and being around one another again.

Gage also works at a pretty nice gym in his town there, West Star Gym. Saying that, I know that he and I would probably be spending quite a bit of time in there during the days that I were in town. My friends and I are really into working out together and enjoying to get to help push one another to do and be better, and that would be a really good time and activity.


This is the link where pictures of Gage’s adventures that I am so interested in can be found.

I know how just an all-around great time it would be in Arkansas with my best friend and that is where I’d rather be than Charleston, Illinois right about now.


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